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  Green Square What is the Family Support Program?

The Family Support Services Program is a six (6) month program that provides in-home supports for families that are in need of a fresh pair of eyes and an extra set of hands to help reduce the stress and chaos related to everyday life with kids. The Family Support Specialist (FSS) can provide comprehensive support to parents with children age 0-12 living in the home. Families do not have to have a disability to qualify. Our goal is to promote positive family interactions and increase parenting skills while helping families find ways to have fun together.

We will provide communication tools and techniques to improve individual and family interactions and build on existing family strengths. Services include ongoing in-home family assessments, facilitating access to resources to help families meet basic needs, parent education classes, and transportation to access community supports.

The FSS will coordinate and collaborate with communiy agencies including early childhood services, medical services, and educational/employment services for enrolled families.

A referral form must be completed to access these services. The referral form can be accessed by contacting Jamie Chadburn at jchadburn@fcsonline.org or 907-714-6609.

  Green Square What Services/Support are Available?
  • BabyAssist parents in finding needed community resources
  • Assistance in implementing positive behavioral supports
  • Parenting techniques and access to parenting classes
  • Stress management techniques
  • Reducing power struggles and increasing communication within the family
  • Tools for communicating with infants and toddlers
  • Tools and resources to handle the child’s sensory complications
  • Helping parents identify support networks
  • Helping parents build on their family’s strengths
  • Educating parents on trauma-informed care
  Green Square Who Can Receive the Family Support Specialist Help?
  • Parents with children living in the home 0-12 years of age.
  • Expectant teen parents and young parents.
  • Homeless families.
  • Families experiencing a disability either parent or child.
  Green Square How to Access Family Support Services
  • First, a referral must be completed. Families can be referred by a medical provider, community agency, a school or be self-referred.
  • Be available to identify a parenting area needing additional support.
  • Be willing to make an appointment with the Family Spport Specist to discuss elibility.
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  Green Square Parent Tips

By becoming aware of safety concerns in your home life and emotional issues related to loss, grief or trauma, Parents can then create a healthy, happy, and safe future.

Six keys to parenting:

  • Build Strong Healthy Relationships
  • Provide Appropriate Supervision
  • Have a Stable Routine
  • Be Consistent
  • Keep it Short and Simple (KISS)
  • Be Specific

If you are interested in learning more about the program and these tips, call and schedule an appointment with Jamie Chadburn the Family Support Specialist (907) 714-6609.

  Green Square

Contact Us

The Family Support Program is an entity of Frontier Community Services located in the Red Diamond Center as part of the Family Services Department.

Frontier Community Services
Telephone: 907-262-6331

Family Services Department
Telephone: 907-714-6647
Fax: 907-262-4595

The Care Team Members
Amy Hagan, Family Services Director
Dr. Mattheis, Behavioral/Developmental Pediatrician
Vickie Tinker, Developmental/FASD Coordinator
Jamie Chadburn, Family Support Specialist
Dr. McIntosh, FASD Clinic Physician

  Green Square Community Resources
  • Alaska Parent Line
    Child Care Assistance Program  
    283-4707 or 1-877-855-2227
    601 Frontage Road, Kenai
  • Health Insurance (Denali Kid Care) 1-888-318-8890
  • WIC  907-283-4172
  • Central Peninsula Hospital  907-714-4404
  • Kenai Public Health  907-335-3400
  • Kenai Peninsula Community Care Ctr.  907-283-7635
  • Kenai Peninsula Food Bank  907-262-3119
  • Peninsula Community Health Services  907-262-3119
  • Safe Kids Kenai Peninsula  907-714-4539
  • The Salvation Army  907-283-3879
    201 N. Forest Drive & 2nd Avenue
  • Love Inc.   907-283-LOVE
  • Clothes Closet, Lee Shore Center  907-283-9479

If you have information you would like us to include in our next brochure, please contact Jamie Chadburn at


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