FCS believes in...
The freedom to make day-to-day choices in one’s life kindles dignity,
satisfaction, and opportunities for growth.

  • We believe in adapting to the needs of the people we support, rather than making them conform to ours.
  • We believe that people can get all the support they need where they live, and that services should be flexible, therapeutic, creative, and innovative.
  • We believe our work should focus on people acquiring skills that are not only practical and useful, but promote individual well-being.
  • We believe that individual choice should be valued and encouraged.
  • We believe that people with disabilities should be highly involved in determining the types of services that they want and need.
  • We feel that the biggest difference between surviving and truly thriving in the community is to have close, satisfying relationships with friends and family.
  • We believe that services and living environments should be designed and modified, whenever possible, to fit the unique needs of the individual.
  • We believe conflict is normal and tha self-determination should be fostered, encouraged and celebrated.


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