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Frontier Community Services (FCS) is a non-profit organization that provides quality services for people of all ages who have a disability. We focus on helping people remain in their own homes and being able to get out in the community and socialize.

FCS began in 1981 as a grass roots operation through the efforts of parents with children with disabilities who had aged out of high school. The parents were concerned that their young adults would be stuck at home watching television all day long. With parents having to work and brothers and sisters at school, the person with the disability doesn't have much opportunity for socializing or developing work skills. The parents banded together and began a vocational program for their children.

Since its beginning, FCS has grown from a small vocational program to a full spectrum service agency. FCS provides an array of services for infants all the way through seniors. Our agency motto is "All ages through all stages." The FCS Board of Directors is a governance board consisting of professionals, consumers and consumer family members.

It is our belief that people are healthier and happier living in their own homes and communities. Based on this belief, FCS will advocate for the right of individuals with disabilities of all ages to live in the home and community of their choice.

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The mission of FCS is to provide quality, individualized home and community based services for people of all ages who are at risk of, or experiencing a disabling condition, in order to minimize the need for institutional care. FCS will continue to develop as a sound quality human service organization by


Green Square providing services that are needed to support individuals and families to live safely in the least restrictive setting of their choice  


Green Square increasing affordable, accessible, residential, community
housing options


Green Square expanding service options in order to support individuals through
all stages of life


Green Square and by promoting community awareness and understanding  
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For information on our services please feel free to contact us at 907-262-6331 or our toll free number 1-800-819-8194.
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